This website will no longer be live after august 4th

If you still want to follow my Book reviews then click and follow me on my Blogger page, or Tumblr ( I like Tumblr too)

I loved the design and I also love WordPress, but their free site is just so anti promoting and 3rd party links that I am going back to Blogger.  I will still keep blogging, but not as regularly as I am now too busy working, and I have plans to concentrate on my other passions, my Art (Which has been woefully neglected with my constant moving around in the last year,) I have only painted one painting in the last 6 months.  And also my photography – I live in a country that is spectacular everywhere you look, so my plan is to be out more taking photos.

Why am I giving up this website, well this is due to the expense of running this site and the affiliate links from amazon being woefully unable to compensate me running this blog.  I unfortunately did not win the lotto – so Goodbye GoDaddy – you were a crap service anyway.


St. Blair: Sybille’s Reign by Emily W. Skinner Review

Synopsis Twenty-four hours earlier the world was a pristine, productive, demon-free society and Sybille Malone an unknown Region One Fabric Counsel designer. Global Good’s curator and guardian of banished relics warehoused in the Arctic Region, Eston Cote, needs... read more

The Killing Jar By R S McCoy Release Blitz #Review @RSMcCoy1

  Title: The Killing Jar Author: RS McCoy Genre: Science Fiction Romance Cover Designer: Kit Foster Design OneClick: Release Date: June 28, 2016   Blurb:  Earth is dying, circling the drain on life support. The future of the human race... read more


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